100g tube packed full of gourmet jelly beans – what more could you need? Available in 36 HUGE flavours. 


Gourmet jelly beans contain flavour throughout from the crispy shell to the chewy inside. Experience the power of true flavour in these delicious beans, and in life. The Jelly Bean Factory based in Dublin are proud to say they contain natural flavourings, plant-based colours, they’re 100% vegetarian AND they’re allergen-free!


The Jelly Bean Factory ® was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1998 by father and son Peter and Richard Cullen, with one guiding principle; to bring the finest of flavours to people around the globe. In 2014, The Jelly Bean Factory ® was acquired by Cloetta, and the rest, as they say, is history!  



Gourmet Jelly Beans

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