Nibbed Cacao Tea


Cacao & Coconut Tea

Indulge your taste buds with the nourishing goodness of the finest organic, bitter sweet cacao and coconut. Brewing up soulful sips for mindful moments.

Think hot chocolate in a tea infusion. All natural, no added sugar whatsoever.  


It was the Pandemic of 2020, not too long ago, when Ireland went into a lockdown and Lisa Kleiner from Wicklow went into a chocolate making frenzy. A qualified chef by trade, she has always been a bit of a mad scientist in the kitchen “laboratory” delving deep into flavours and textures that sing. It’s not just taste that compels Lisa, she is also deeply passionate about health and nutrition, holding a Degree in Nutrition and a Masters Degree (MSc) in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from the University of Ulster.

Her fascinated learnings into the world of cacao and chocolate making lead her down a very insightful path. The more she researched this magical bean the more she learned about its amazing health benefits. This coupled with its insanely good taste inspired her to take a leap of faith to pivot her business to become a Bean to Bar (as well as teas and nibbles) Cacao Producer.



Nibbed Cacao & Coconut Tea

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