This beautiful tote bag comes with the concept of carrying a piece of positivity with you at all times. The poem on the bag represents empowerment and breaking through change and is made from 100% cotton.  


The creator of the tote bag is writer and poet Vivienne McWey from Co.Kildare. Vivienne found writing and poetry through some very difficult times a few years ago and self published the book 'Keep Quiet I'm Talking Now' in 2019.  When covid hit she start sharing her work on social media and soon found her poetry was in high demand. After establishing her business creating poetry and framing it,  she realised that people wanted positivity and well being in their lives and so this premium tote bag with an empowering message was born. 


Size of Tote Bag: Classic

Material: 100% Cotton 


Classic Tote Bag - The Creativity Movement by Vivienne McWey

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